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J4169A JetDirect 610N Refurbished
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J4169A, Hewlett Packard, JetDirect 610N, Refurbished internal print server (10Base-T and 100Base-TX), LAN interface board, Plugs into peripheral EIO slot - Has an RJ-45 connector,

HP Parts # J4169A (610N) Jet Direct Used in the following Hewlett-Packard Model Printers and Plotters.

Business Inkjet 2230,  C8119A, 
Business Inkjet 2280CM,  C8120A ,
Business Inkjet 2280TN , C8121A, 
Business Inkjet 2280TN, (Press)  C8121P, 
Business InkJet 2600,  C8109A ,
Business InkJet 2600DN,  C8110A, 
Color LaserJet 4500,  C4084A,  C4084AR, 
Color LaserJet 4500DN,  C4094A,  C4094AR, 
Color LaserJet 4500N,  C4089A,  C4089AR, 
Color LaserJet 4550,  C7085A,  C7085AR, 
Color LaserJet 4550DHN,  C7088A,  C7088AR ,
Color LaserJet 4550DN,  C7087A,  C7087AR ,
Color LaserJet 4550DN,  C9728A, 
Color LaserJet 4550HDN,  C9729A, 
Color LaserJet 4550N,  C7086A,  C7086AR ,
Color LaserJet 4550N,  C9727A, 
Color LaserJet 8500,  C3983A, 
Color LaserJet 8500DN,  C3985A, 
Color LaserJet 8500DN, Printer Plus  C9738A, 
Color LaserJet 8500GN, Printer Plus  C9739A, 
Color LaserJet 8500N,  C3984A, 
Color LaserJet 8500N, Printer Plus  C9737A, 
Color LaserJet 8550,  C7096A,  C7096AR,  C7097A,  C7097AR,  C7098A,  C7098AR,  C7099A,  C7099AR ,
Color LaserJet 8550 MFP , C7834A,  C7834AR,  C7837A,  C7837AR,  C7839A,  C7839AR, 
DesignJet 1050C Plus,  C6074B,  C6074BR, 
DesignJet 1055CM,  C6075A,  C6075AR, 
DesignJet 1055CM Plus,  C6075B,  C6075BR, 
DesignJet 10PS,  C7790A,  C7790AR, 
DesignJet 130,  C7791C,  C7791CR, 
DesignJet 130nr,  C7791D,  C7791DR, 
DesignJet 20PS,  C7790B,  C7790BR, 
Designjet 30,  C7790D,  C7790DR, 
Designjet 30n,  C7790E,  C7790ER, 
DesignJet 500, (24-inch),  C7769B,  C7769BR, 
DesignJet 500, (42-inch),  C7770B,  C7770BR, 
DesignJet 5000, (42-inch),  C6090A,  C6090AR, 
DesignJet 5000, (42-inch/UV),  C6090V, 
DesignJet 5000, (60-inch),  C6095A,  C6095AR, 
DesignJet 5000, (60-inch/UV),  C6095V, 
DesignJet 5000PS, (42-inch/Postscript),  C6091A,  C6091AR, 
DesignJet 5000PS, (42-inch/UV/Postscript),  C6091V, 
DesignJet 5000PS, (60-inch/Postscript),  C6096A,  C6096AR ,
DesignJet 5000PS, (60-inch/UV/Postscript),  C6096V, 
DesignJet 500PS, (24-inch/Postscript),  C7769C,  C7769CR ,
DesignJet 500PS, (42-inch/Postscript),  C7770C,  C7770CR, 
DesignJet 50PS,  C7790C,  C7790CR ,
DesignJet 5500, (42-inch),  Q1251A,  Q1251AR, 
DesignJet 5500, (42-inch/UV),  Q1251V ,
DesignJet 5500, (42-inch/Postscript),  Q1252A,  Q1252AR, 
DesignJet 5500, (42-inch/UV/Postscript),  Q1252V, 
DesignJet 5500, (60-inch),  Q1253A,  Q1253AR ,
Designjet 5500, (60-inch/UV),  Q1253V, 
Designjet 5500, (60-inch/Postscript)  Q1254A,  Q1254AR, 
Designjet 5500, (60-inch/UV/Postscript),  Q1254V, 
DesignJet 800, (24-inch),  C7779B,  C7779BR ,
DesignJet 800, (42-inch),  C7780B,  C7780BR ,
DesignJet 800PS, (24-inch/Postscript),  C7779C,  C7779CR, 
DesignJet 800PS, (42-inch/Postscript),  C7780C,  C7780CR, 
DesignJet 815 MFP,  Q1279A,  Q1279AR, 
DesignJet Copier CC800PS,  Q1262A, 
DeskJet 2200se,  C2689A,  C2689AR, 
DeskJet 2200xi,  C2688A, 
DeskJet 2200xi/2200se,  C2690A, 
DeskJet 2250,  C2691A, 
DeskJet 2250TN,  C2699A, 
Digital Sender 9100C,  C1313A,  C1313AR,  C1314A,  C1314AR,  C1315A,  C1315AR, 
EagleJet, - OEM version of DesignJet 5500,  Q1252C, 
HP LaserJet 9050 Printer,  Q3721A,  Q3721AR, 
HP LaserJet 9050dn Printer,  Q3723A,  Q3723AR, 
HP LaserJet 9050n Printer,  Q3722A,  Q3722AR ,
JetDirect 610N Print Server (EtherNet),  J4169A, 
LaserJet 2100,  C4170A,  C4170AR, 
LaserJet 2100M,  C4171A,  C4171AR, 
LaserJet 2100Se,  C4138A, 
LaserJet 2100TN,  C4172A,  C4172AR, 
LaserJet 2100Xi,  C4139A, 
LaserJet 4050,  C4251A,  C4251AR, 
LaserJet 4050N,  C4253A,  C4253AR ,
LaserJet 4050se,  C4255A, 
LaserJet 4050T,  C4252A,  C4252AR, 
LaserJet 4050TN,  C4254A,  C4254AR, 
LaserJet 4100,  C8049A,  C8049AR, 
LaserJet 4100 MFP,  C9148A,  C9148AR, 
LaserJet 4100DTN,  C8052A,  C8052AR, 
LaserJet 4100N,  C8050A,  C8050AR, 
LaserJet 4100TN,  C8051A,  C8051AR, 
LaserJet 4101 MFP,  C9149A,  C9149AR, 
LaserJet 5000,  C4110A,  C4110AR, 
LaserJet 5000,  C4115A,  C4115AR, 
LaserJet 5000DN , C8068A,  C8068AR, 
LaserJet 5000GN , C4112A,  C4112AR ,
LaserJet 5000LE,  C4247A, 
LaserJet 5000N,  C4111A,  C4111AR, 
LaserJet 8000,  C4085A,  C4085AR, 
LaserJet 8000DN,  C4087A,  C4087AR, 
LaserJet 8000N,  C4086A,  C4086AR, 
LaserJet 8100,  C4214A,  C4214AR, 
LaserJet 8100DN,  C4216A,  C4216AR, 
LaserJet 8100N , C4215A,  C4215AR, 
LaserJet 8150,  C4265A,  C4265AR, 
LaserJet 8150,  C9135A,  C9135AR, 
LaserJet 8150DN , C4267A,  C4267AR, 
LaserJet 8150HN,  C4269A, 
LaserJet 8150MFP,  C4268A, 
LaserJet 8150N,  C4266A,  C4266AR, 
LaserJet 9050dnm Printer,  Q7511A ,
Mopier 240,  C4228A,  C4228AR, 
Mopier 320,  C4229A,  C4230A,  C4230AR,  C4246A,  C4246AR,


Requires No Exchange of old Parts. Refurbished HP Parts come with 30 Day Warranty.

Click Here To Down Load Windows Drivers, Firmware, Bios for this device 

Prices shown in US Dollars.

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling.

Almost any part for almost any HP Printer is available.  Just let us know what you need and we will quote you a price and availability.  Click the Contact link in the left column and tell us about your needs.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 August, 2004.
Prices and Availability subject to change without notice.
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