Ink/ Toner Cartridge Support and Troubleshooting

Please read carefully!  80% of all problems can be fixed without even requesting an RMA by reading and following these simple troubleshooting directions:


Q.  My Epson Compatible Inkjet Cartridge wont print.  How do I get it to print?


A. Be sure the sticker(usually yellow) on the top of the cartridge has been removed so that the cartridge has air supply then it can print.


Q.  My color cartridge does not print one of the colors, is missing a color, or prints very faint.  How do I get it to work properly?


A.  Sometimes, during transportation, the cartridge may have been laying on one side, causing the colors to mix, or the print head to dry out.  This does happen with both brand new AND remanufactured inks quite often.  The first thing to do is try to print 6-10 pages, using all the colors.  This may allow for the missing colors to "kick in".  If this does not work, then try the following trick (which has an 85% success rate)


1.  Take the cartridge out of the printer.

2.  Place two paper towels on top of each other and fold them again so that you have a thick square piece.

3.  Slightly dampen one side of the paper towel, keeping the opposite side dry.

4.  Hold the cartridge with the print head facing down and "dab" it onto the wet portion of the paper towel, using SLIGHT force, for a second or two.

5.  Dab the cartridge onto the dry portion of the paper towel.

6.  Repeat steps 4-5 about five or six times, ending with step 5.

7.  If you have a 3-color cartridge, you should see a line of cyan, magenta, and yellow on the paper towel.

8.  Place the cartridge back in the printer and print a test page.


If neither of these solutions work, please call or email for an RMA# and we will replace your cartridge.


Q.  My cartridge JUST DOESN'T WORK.  I have tried everything and it just won't print.  What do I do?


A.  First, make sure the protective plastic cover has been taken off the print head.  (Some cartridges have a protective label that needs to be peeled.)  If you have done either of these and the cartridge still does not work, it is possible you may have received a defective cartridge.  Although our cartridges are put through STRICT quality control, sometimes they may get damaged internally during shipping.Please fill out the RMA form below and we will gladly replace the cartridge.

Q.  My Compatible or Remanufactured Toner Cartridge is in the printer but won't print or prints light?

A.  Most toners are provided with a removable strip to protect the drum during shipping, be sure that this strip has been fully removed by pullingout the tab on one end (usually the right site) of the cartridge then insert the cartridge into the printer.


Phone support


(please note:  for fastest service, please use email for correspondence)

Please call (979) 204-8909 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CST.  After hours please leave a voice mail and a Computer Care employee will return your call the following business day.